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Ammoura produces fresh, authentic and delicious Lebanese food such as falafel, hummus, fresh salads, soups, dips, sauces and mezes, using the finest of locally sourced ingredients

We are renowned Lebanese caterers for wedding, corporate and private events. We also supply all types of food service and catering companies, including restaurants and restaurant chains, supermarkets, delis, catering companies of all sizes and many “grab and go” food is sold.

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We're continuously striving to make our food taste even better, so you know you'll always have the tastiest foods on your menu.
freshly prepared
All our food is freshly prepared on the premesis and carefully handcrafterd with the love and care that only a food lover can have
deliciously unique
Our highly talented chefs and commitment to the finest ingredients and age old cooking techniques mean that Ammoura cooks up the finest Lebanese food this side of Beirut!
quality ingredients
We source the finest of ingredients both locally in London and import specialist herbs and spices from Lebanon, ensuring that our food is unsurpassed in taste!